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An Overview of Auto Detailing Products

Auto detailing is the process of cleaning the exterior and interior of various kinds of vehicles. A number of cleaning machines and products are required for the process. The following is an introduction to the major products used for cleaning vehicles.
Auto detailing requires at least two different machines: pressure washers for exteriors and carpet cleaners for interiors. The use of steam cleaners is viable, but one mustread more

Auto Detailing – Using Advanced Cleaning Machines for Best Results

Auto detailing is an important process that helps in keeping vehicles clean and in the best shape. If the interiors and exteriors of your car along with its parts and engine are clean and well-maintained, maintenance costs are often reduced and the car will last much longer.

Many car owners still prefer using the age-old method of using cloth and cleaning detergent for scrubbing their cars clean. What they do not realize is that the harsh chemicals present in industrial detergents when usedread more

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