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The Importance of Mobility in Auto Detailing

When it comes to professional auto detailing, providing the best cleaning possible is only part of the job. It is also important to be able to deliver well-detailed vehicles as quickly as possible. If a client only has a few hours to spare for a detailing job, they certainly are not going to choose a company that will take a day to complete the job. This is why it is important to invest in the right mobile equipment for auto detailing jobs. Not only should they beread more

Auto Detailing Equipment for Car Exteriors

When it comes to auto detailing equipment, most dealers offer only two options: high pressure washers or steam cleaners. Both of these machines can damage the vehicle without the proper configurations. Very high pressure levels may damage the car surface, and rubbing the painted surface with tough brushes during steam cleaning results in scratched paint. Daimer® recognizes the problems car detailers face, and therefore retails auto detailing products designedread more

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