Pressure washers are increasingly being used for auto detailing. Suppliers of pressure washers have started providing specialized machines for cleaning automobiles. Despite the wealth of options, not all pressure washers are ideal for car detailing. The following tips will certainly help when choosing a pressure cleaning machine.

Choose the Right Pressure Level
For auto detailing, the pressure level of these machines does not need to be very high. In fact, machines with a pressure level of more than 1500 psi are not suitable for cleaning vehicles. Pressure levels above 1500 psi may damage the vehicle surface.

Low Flow Rate
Low flow rates are often desirable for auto detailing, particularly for mobile detailers. In many areas, there is little drainage for water. Higher flow rates may flood the area, and may cause fines for excessive water usage. Mobile detailers, who travel to their clients’ workplaces and homes, often cannot rely on a sufficient water supply to drive high flow machines. In addition, leaving their clients’ facilities flooded is not a good business practice.

Daimer® supplies many pressure washers with low flow rates ideal for auto detailing. Ideally, it is better to select machines with flow rates of 2 GPM or less. One such machine, Daimer®’s Super Max™ 6120SCW, features a low flow rate of 0.5 GPM and pressure levels of 1000 psi. If there is no restriction on drainage or water consumption, any pressure washer with the right pressure levels can be used.

Daimer®, a premier distributor of cleaning products, offers specialized pressure washers for auto detailing. These machines make the cleaning process of vehicles easier and faster. For more information about these machines, visit

Auto Detailing with Pressure Washers
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