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Daimer® Equipment for the Auto Detailing Industry


Starting an auto detailing business requires a substantial initial investment. Most of this money goes into purchasing equipment. Buying the right equipment in the beginning can avoid problems later. Equipment breakdowns, malfunctions, and expensive parts replacement can cost thousands of dollars in downtime and lost business.
Daimer® supplies high-end auto detailing equipment for commercial car cleaning use. Theseread more

How to Use Power Washers for Auto Detailing


Different types of cleaning equipment are often used for auto detailing. Sometimes, the operators are forced to use different types of machines, as they cannot find a single machine that can perform the tasks effectively.

Why Auto Detailing Is Complex
Part of the need for multiple machines stems from the various types of surfaces a vehicle has. Exterior surfaces are hard, while interior surfaces are soft or semi hard. Most people agree that pressure washers are the mostread more

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