Pressure Washing Cars

The cleaning ability of a pressure washer is affected by the temperature of the output and the detergent used. Most importantly, it depends on the sheer mechanical power of the machine. Pressure washers clean surfaces by spraying high volumes of water on them at high pressure levels. This blasts away dirt and eliminates tough stains from numerous surfaces. Therefore, pressure levels and flow rates are the most essential figures to determine the power of a machine.

People often assume higher pressure levels and flow rates mean more effective cleaning. This is not true for all cases. Heat and quality detergents can enhance the effectiveness of cleaning with lower pressure levels, which are required to cleaning automobiles. In fact, pressure levels over 1500 psi should not be used on automobiles, as it may cause irreparable damage to the paint. Water availability may also be a problem in some areas, so you will have to monitor the flow rate. If you run a mobile auto detailing business, it might not be possible to easily locate large amounts of water.

So how do the best pressure cleaners effectively clean cars? Moderate pressure levels, high temperatures up to 330°F, and green car wash solutions all play into the cleaning power of an auto detailing pressure washer. You can find a range of suitable pressure washers for cleaning cars at

Pressure Washing Cars — How Much Pressure Is Too Much?
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