Auto detailing for different vehicle interiors involves much more than simple wiping and vacuuming. The truth is that vehicle interiors can pick up large amounts of dirt and debris like food and liquid spills, which are often left to soak in before they are cleaned. To make things worse, many people often spend more time cleaning the outside of a vehicle rather than the inside. This gives germs and bacteria a chance to find a dark and warm place to take root and grow. Simply vacuuming just isn’t enough. When cleaning automotive interiors, you need to use carpet cleaners.

A common complaint about using carpet cleaners for auto detailing is their large water consumption. This means the carpet or upholstery takes a long time to dry. Daimer® understands that carpet cleaning machines using less water are not only more time efficient, but prohibit germs and bacteria from growing in damp material. As such, Daimer® has introduced low flow technology. The XTreme Power® XPC-5700 is a good example of a low-moisture carpet cleaning system. It relies more on pressure, a cleaning solution, and suction power in order to loosen and remove tough debris. This machine will allow the vehicle upholstery to dry out in about six hours.

For auto detailing jobs running on a deadline, the XTreme Power® XPH-5900i can help interiors to dry out in as little as two hours. This particular model can heat water to temperatures of 210°F, which means extra cleaning power for stubborn stains and sedimentation. You can check out to learn about other machines that are useful for auto detailing.

Auto Detailing for the Interior
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