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Auto Detailing for the Interior


Auto detailing for different vehicle interiors involves much more than simple wiping and vacuuming. The truth is that vehicle interiors can pick up large amounts of dirt and debris like food and liquid spills, which are often left to soak in before they are cleaned. To make things worse, many people often spend more time cleaning the outside of a vehicle rather than the inside. This gives germs and bacteria a chance to find a dark and warm place to take root andread more

Pressure Washing Cars — How Much Pressure Is Too Much?


Pressure Washing Cars

The cleaning ability of a pressure washer is affected by the temperature of the output and the detergent used. Most importantly, it depends on the sheer mechanical power of the machine. Pressure washers clean surfaces by spraying high volumes of water on them at high pressure levels. This blasts away dirt and eliminates tough stains from numerous surfaces. Therefore, pressure levels and flow rates are the most essential figures to determine the power of a machine.

People often assume higherread more

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