Cleaning Vehicle Exterior

The following are some tips to carry out car detailing.
The best machine to clean the exterior hard surfaces of automobiles is a pressure washer. These machines eject water or a solution of water and a detergent onto the exterior of the vehicle to wash away dirt, stains, grease, and other impurities present on the surface. If you search the internet, you can easily see that there are specially devised pressure washers for auto detailing. Ideally, the output pressure of the machines should be at or less than 1500 psi. Carpets and upholstery can easily be maintained through the use of a low-flow carpet extractor. Low-flow technology is key, as it cleans vehicle interiors with less water. This translates to relatively low drying times of 2-6, which increases the productivity of auto detailers and reduces their need for vehicle storage overnight.

Wheels, glass, and other hard surfaces in the vehicle’s interior can be managed with a steam cleaner. Low pressure levels and high steam temperatures of up to 360°F enable steam cleaners to effectively remove stubborn grease, dirt, mud, and other residues from these hard surfaces.

Daimer® supplies well designed, high quality cleaning equipment specially designed for auto detailing. For a complete auto detailing package, consider the Super Max™ pressure washers, XTreme Power® carpet extractors, and KleenJet® steam cleaners. One may check for more information about equipment for auto detailing and other cleaning jobs.

Tips for Auto Detailing: Cleaning Vehicle Exterior
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