Cleaning Equipment Move

What happens when these machines are stationary? Because many vehicles have curves and crevices, a stationary machine is not always the best option. With stationary machines, navigating inside and around the vehicle can quickly turn ordinary auto detailing into a time-consuming task.

Daimer® understands that machines need to be mobile to complete auto detailing jobs effectively. Cleaning interiors, in particular, can be tricky, especially cleaning between and under the seats.

The XTreme Power® XPC-5700U carpet extractor is a good example of mobile upholstery cleaner effective in clearing up hardened stains and deposits. It has a relatively short drying time of about 6 hours. Machines like the XTreme Power® 5900IU offer faster drying times of around 2 hours.

While cleaning vehicle exteriors, pressure washers like the Super Max™ 6120SCW prove to be the best. These are conveniently mobile and very user friendly. Apart from that, this particular model has pressure levels and flow rates that are ideally suited for auto detailing jobs. With a pressure level of 1000 psi and a flow rate of 0.5 GPM, these pressure washers provide optimum cleaning power that does not damage the vehicle or waste water. More information about these machines is available at

Auto Detailing- Can Your Cleaning Equipment Move?
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