Auto Detailing Professionals

The equipment under the XTreme Power® series has the ability to make things much easier for auto detailing professionals. The tasks completed by these machines are much more effective and efficient when compared to other local equipment available on the market. There are five unique models for upholstery and carpets — one non-heated and four heated. For standard applications, the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U often makes a good choice. Auto detailing professionals will find these machines very valuable, as they feature airflow of 100 cfm, 100 inch water lift, and a pressure level of 60 psi. For more advanced cleaning, the water can be heated to temperatures up to 210°F.

Because mobile applications require auto detailing professionals to reach the small nooks and crannies of the interior in the vehicle, the Power® mobile carpet cleaners come standard with a 4 inch single jet upholstery wand. Additionally, Daimer® also offers Eco-Green® products, which can substantially increase the power of these robust cleaning machines. The best thing about these green chemicals is that they are completely safe both for the environment and for vehicle surfaces and materials. Other green auto detailing products available for sale at include the Ultra-Power™ Degreaser, Truck Wash, Heavy Duty Car Wash, Mobile Car Wash and many others.

Products for Auto Detailing Professionals
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