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Tips on Selecting a Pressure Washer for Auto Detailing


Pressure Washer for Auto Detailing
Automobile exteriors are not designed to withstand pressure levels that can reach up to 3000 to 5000 psi or the high flow rates of 3-6 GPM.
The situation changed when Daimer®, a leading distributor of cleaning equipment and the pioneer of many innovations in this field, launched pressure washers suitable for auto detailing. Two of the machines in the Super Max™ product series of Daimer®, namely the 6120SCW and the 6230SCW models, are highly sought after for autoread more

Products for Auto Detailing Professionals


Auto Detailing Professionals
The equipment under the XTreme Power® series has the ability to make things much easier for auto detailing professionals. The tasks completed by these machines are much more effective and efficient when compared to other local equipment available on the market. There are five unique models for upholstery and carpets — one non-heated and four heated. For standard applications, the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U often makes a good choice. Auto detailing professionalsread more

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