Auto Detailing

The engine and other components are difficult to clean, requiring a cleaning device with high pressure and temperature levels, usually pressure washers, to clean these parts. The body of the vehicle is also solid, but has a paint coating. Therefore, one cannot subject the body of the vehicles to very high pressure levels. Then there are those delicate surfaces in the interior, such as seats, mats, dash board, and other upholstery. One has to use an auto detailing device with a milder output, such as a carpet cleaner, to clean the interior surfaces of vehicles.

Ideally, keeping in mind the various surfaces, one needs two kinds of cleaning devices for effective auto detailing— pressure washers for hard surfaces and carpet cleaners for soft surfaces. One can get both types of devices from Daimer®, one of the most sought-after suppliers of cleaning products in the country.

One can find several carpet cleaners that are ideal for auto detailing from the Xtreme Power® series by Daimer®. The best carpet cleaners for auto detailing feature the lowest drying times. By using one of the latest models in the Xtreme Power® series, the drying time will usually take no more than 2-6 hours.

Specially designed low-flow pressure washers are also available at These Super Max™ machines utilize moderate pressure levels with very low flow rates (only 0.5 GPM) to emit high temperature steam. These three features allow for effective cleaning of the vehicle’s body, engine, and other exterior components without damaging the paint.

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Auto Detailing
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