Car WashWhen it comes to auto detailing, nothing can match the quality and performance of equipment from Daimer®. The XTreme Power ® range of special carpet cleaners from Daimer® have been specially designed for the car detailing industry. The most notable feature of XTreme Power® auto detailing machines is the unique low-moisture technology that considerably brings down the drying time (to as little as two hours depending on the model).

For standard car cleaning jobs, all you need is the XTreme Power ® XPC-5700U: a user-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment that is particularly useful for auto detailing tasks since it can be used to clean headliners, footwells and seats. This carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpets dry in about 6 hours.

The XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU is built to handle more rigorous auto detailing jobs. In just 15 minutes, this car cleaning system can reach temperatures of up to 158ºF. With the additional power of heat, this carpet cleaner eliminates stubborn stains and other deposits inside your car.

For extremely challenging auto detailing tasks, choose the XTreme Power® 5900IU. This unit can reach higher temperatures (up to 210ºF) and ensures faster drying times (up to two hours). It’s no wonder that professionals prefer this carpet cleaner. Each of the above machines comes with a special upholstery tool to make your auto carpet cleaning tasks easier.

Before choosing a car wash system, be sure to look at the extensive range of auto detailing machines at Click here for Auto Detailing Video.

The Most Advanced Versions of Auto Detailing Machines
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