The Super Max ® 6120SCW by Daimer ® is a steam car wash designed specifically with auto detailing applications in mind. Categorized as a low-flow machine, this auto detailing pressure washer exerts an astounding pressure level of 1000 psi at a flow rate of only .5 GPM. This low-flow cleaning allows users to effectively and efficiently clean vehicle exteriors without causing harm to the automobile or truck.

As a steam car wash pressure washer, this machine generates steam at temperatures up to 300ºF. The use of such high temperatures affords users the ability to dissolve mud, grease, dirt, bugs, oil, salt, tar, brake dust, and more for quick and easy removal from vehicle surfaces. This auto detailing equipment can even be used to clean engines and melt ice or snow.

The result of using the Super Max ® 6120SCW auto detailing mobile steam car wash is a thoroughly cleaned vehicle exterior. Additionally, the use of these machines is more effective than other cleaning methods. For example, conventional pressure washers’ high pressure levels and flow rates not only use excessive amounts of water, but they also run the risk of damaging the vehicle’s painted exterior. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, feature high steam cleaning temperatures but lack sufficient power to blast away stuck-on residues.

For your auto detailing applications, the Super Max ® 6120SCW is the most powerful and efficient machine for the job. Save time and money through the use of low-flow, high temperature mobile steam car wash equipment. Learn more about your auto detailing options at

Super Max® 6120SCW- Mobile Steam Car Washer
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