Steam Car Wash Machines

steam car auto detailing

Daimer®'s Super Max™ pressure washers are the most powerful steam car wash machines in the industry, offering optimal cleaning power without risking damage to vehicle surfaces.

Upholstery Cleaning Machines

upholstery cleaning equipment

With unmatched power and Low Flow Technology, XTreme Power® carpet and upholstery cleaners pair complete cleaning with rapid drying times. Clean automotive upholstery and floor mats, allowing them to dry

Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners

car detailing steam cleaners

Dirt on windshields, dashboards, doorjambs, and other non-painted hard surfaces within vehicles is no match for Daimer®'s powerful KleenJet® steam cleaners.

Superior Performance

Daimer® offers the most technologically advanced, powerful auto detailing machines in the industry for superior performance.

Unmatched Reliability

Backed by warranties and Daimer®'s commitment to customer support, Daimer® auto detailing machines are second to none.

Eco-Friendly Operation

Low Flow Technologies and chemical-free cleaning (for certain machine types) make Daimer®'s auto detailing equipment eco-friendly.

Daimer® offers the best auto detailing machines in the industry!

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Car Wash Machines: Taking Vehicle Detailing To New Heights

A spotlessly clean and gleaming car is definitely the dream of every car owner. Every mobile car wash professional strives to keep these car owners happy by realizing this dream. It is not an easy task considering the dust, grime, mud, and grease that vehicles accumulate even on short trips. The results provided by scrubbing and washing are no longer adequate to impress customers. For this reason, the best mobile car detailing businesses now utilize high-grade car detailing equipment.

Keep up with the Times

The traditional technique of auto detailing involved using chemicals to dissolve tough deposits on vehicle exteriors and to remove dust and oil particles. The car was then subject to a round of scrubbing, during which the stubborn deposits were loosened from the surface. Next, water from a hose line washed away the dissolved deposits. Finally, the excess water was wiped off, leaving the cars clean. The most obvious drawback of this car detailing technique is that it is time consuming and extremely laborious.

Then came the age of the machines and there were two categories of machines that mobile auto detailing professionals frequently chose for auto detailing jobs. The machines involved steam car wash systems and pressure wash equipment. However, these machines were not designed for car washing applications and featured inappropriate pressure levels and flow rates.

For instance, the pressure wash equipment for auto detailing featured pressure levels of 3000 psi that could seriously damage the painted vehicle exteriors. The high flow rates of car pressure washers made them unsuitable for maintaining delicate components, such as automobile engines. Although steam car wash machines possessed high temperatures, they scored low in terms of pressure levels and steam density. The steam generated by these steam washer systems was also not powerful enough to blast off tough dirt from the glass and wheels of vehicles.

Now let us take a look at how new-generation mobile auto detailing machines help car washing professionals cut down on the time and effort required for detailing vehicles. The most notable aspect of the car pressure washers available from leading suppliers is that these machines have been specifically designed for car detailing applications. Consequently, these auto detailing equipment are empowered with the perfect pressure levels, flow rates, and temperatures required to get the vehicles super clean.

Powerful Aspects

Auto detailing equipment available from leading suppliers feature pressure levels in the range 1000 psi to 1500 psi that help clean off tough dirt deposits without damaging the vehicle exteriors. Low flow rates of 0.5 gpm make the car detailing equipment ideal for use even on sensitive surfaces. It also helps conserve water by considerably cutting down the volume of water used for detailing each vehicle. To help remove the mud, dirt, grease, tree sap and bugs on vehicle exteriors, the mobile car wash systems eject steam at temperatures as high as 250ºF. These machines are also handy for melting away snow buildup on vehicles.

For truly professional auto detailing results in the shortest possible time, choose quality, technologically-advanced car detailing machines from top suppliers. Rather than visiting the local hardware store, check out the amazing range of products available at online stores. You get to know about the latest cleaning technologies and user safety. The stores also offer reliable customer support and irresistible offers.